Why Do Attorneys Spend Thousands of Dollars
(Yes, Even TENS OF THOUSANDS of Dollars)
On Nader's Products and Programs?

Simple. They Want the Best.

Former Marin County Bar President, Jeffrey Lerman, perhaps said it best: "I consider myself an 'advanced' student of legal marketing. However, of all the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours I have spent (literally) on other books, CD's and seminars, I believe (Nader's) strategies give the 'biggest bang for the buck.' That is, Nader's techniques and the way he presented them are the most practical, results-oriented, and easy to implement of all the others I have heard, seen and used."

Feel free to select from any of the training or coaching programs listed below.  If you have questions, you may use the QUICK CONTACT form at the bottom of this page.  We apologize in advance if your intended selection is currently SOLD OUT but you may ask to be placed on the wait list. Be sure to check back regularly because we are constantly updating our offerings.

If you've ever watched the classic "Star Trek," you've probably seen Spock use his patented "Vulcan nerve pinch" to incapacitate any number of bad guys. By pinching a specific pressure point at the base of the victim's neck, Spock would render his attacker instantly unconscious. Quite the impressive maneuver, wouldn't you say?

What if Nader Anise were to show you the marketing equivalent of the Vulcan nerve pinch that you can use on any of your competitors that renders them virtually invisible... and allows you to totally dominate your market? What if this move was so dangerously effective, it could be used by novices as well as veterans… solos as well as large firm lawyers... in large or small towns… developed or emerging niches?

Could you handle such paralyzing power in your hands? Well, for the first time ever, Nader is going to reveal the EXACT system he's used to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for himself and all his clients. He will reveal every detail, every step and every nuance – almost all have NEVER been shared publicly before. There is nothing more urgent for your practice than to be a part of this training.

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to ramp up your marketing and take your practice to the next level, this is it. Or if you're just starting out and want to build the proper marketing foundation, this is the time!

But be forewarned, either use this system on your competitors or they will use it on you.


    • 12 weekly LIVE webinar modules with downloadable handouts
      • Week 1:  Disrupt and Dominate™ principles
      • Week 2:  Disrupt and Dominate™ core concepts
      • Week 3:  How to identify and attract your ideal client
      • Week 4:  Crafting the perfect marketing message
      • Week 5:  The art of "covert" disruption; "top of mind" strategies
      • Week 6:  The Domination Formula – be top dog in any legal niche in any market
      • Week 7:  Secrets of generating never-ending referrals I
      • Week 8:  Secrets of generating never-ending referrals II
      • Week 9:  How to land major media exposure without hiring a PR firm
      • Week 10: Internet marketing and social media essentials
      • Week 11: Successful persuasion and sales techniques for lawyers
      • Week 12: Developing a "Quick-Action" Plan for your success and keys to implementing it
    • One FULL YEAR of email support/Q&A directly with Nader Anise (value of this alone is $2,200)
    • LIVE group coaching calls for reinforcement of materials and Q & A's
    • All sessions will be personally conducted by Nader Anise
    • All sessions will be recorded and posted on a special website for 24/7 access
    • One critique certificate entitles you to a marketing critique on any item
    • Ability to participate from anywhere in the world (with internet connection)

NOTES: All training is done remotely.

GUARANTEE: If after the first webinar you are not 100% convinced that you will generate at least 10 TIMES the registration fee in new business as a result of the training, simply discontinue the training and request a refund at that time. It will be issued to you promptly. No hassles, no red tape.


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Get ready for one of the most intense phone calls of your professional career! Here's your chance to monopolize Nader's time and attention for a full hour, uninterrupted. You bring the agenda and he'll bring his usual A-game. You've got questions? Bring 'em on! Nothing is off limits as Nader personally navigates you through the entangled and confusing road that is legal marketing. He'll devise strategies, uncover hidden profit opportunities and give you a quick-start game plan – all in one jam-packed phone call. It's not uncommon for one of Nader's inspired ideas to boost an attorney's bottom line by five or six figures. Why not yours? The path to your success begins right here!

GUARANTEE: If after 30 minutes you don't feel like you've received at least 10 TIMES the value of what you paid, simply stop the consultation and request a refund at that time. It will be issued to you promptly. No hassles, no red tape.

CURRENT WAIT TIME: Consultation will take place 4-5 weeks after payment.


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If you're in need of a truly transformative jolt for your law practice, there's nothing like spending the day with Nader at his beautiful South Florida offices. Nader will dissect every layer of your practice like a skilled surgeon, and will map out the clearest and fastest paths to financial success. He will scour through your marketing collateral, ads, branding elements, web presence and entire marketing framework. He will also evaluate (and often restructures) your business model in order to keep your short and long term financial goals on track.

You will be Nader's special lunch guest at the luxurious, five-star Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, where breathtaking views of the Atlantic will inspire you. Whether you come alone or with your entire firm*, get ready to experience one major breakthrough after another. This is the ultimate opportunity to break out of the rut and to take your firm to the next level and beyond.

NOTES: *Lunch will be complimentary for up to four people. Total number of hours spent with Nader, including lunch, is eight. Start and end time TBD. Client is responsible for his or her own travel and lodging expenses.

CURRENT WAIT TIME: Meeting will take place 1-2 months after payment.



What if you could get the World's most successful marketing strategist to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to turn your law practice into a gold rich honey hole? What if he knew everything about you your strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and goals - and then personally created a written game plan that fits you perfectly? And how about if he blocked out special time slots every month to help keep your marketing engine revved and your marketing plan on track? And what if he gave you a special email address to use any time you needed some quick 'rudder' guidance.

Yes, all of the above exist in one program. It's called the Elite Earners. There simply is no better way to achieve your professional objectives than by having Nader Anise as your marketing strategist and personal coach.

This is your opportunity to take your practice to new heights and achieve the Elite Earner status that you deserve.

  • Full customized coaching program
  • 12 monthly coaching calls per year with Nader Anise (25 minutes each call)
  • Ongoing email and fax support with Nader using a private email address

NOTES: All Coaching is done remotely.

AVAILABILITY: Maximum number of attorneys accepted in Elite Earners is 20.

RESTRICTIONS: First time clients may be considered, however they must submit two letters of recommendation from two attorneys. Acceptance subject to application approval.

$28,800 per year

Among the millions of attorneys around the globe, only four can boast membership in The Chairman's Vault™ at any given time. By any standard, that makes it one of the most exclusive clubs in the entire world (marketing-related or otherwise). But The Chairman's Vault™ is much more than a club. Consider it more like a marketing transfusion, pumping new life into every aspect of your law practice… leading you to the pinnacle of success as you envision it.

Attorneys who achieve Chairman's Vault™ status are among the most successful in the world... or… are about to be.

Newly formed in September 2013, The Chairman's Vault™ offers a one year membership that provides unprecedented access to Nader Anise directly – no middlemen and no assistants ever get in the way – as well as intensive coaching calls and strategy sessions, also with Nader personally. You will be given Nader's private cell phone number and may call Nader directly without setting up an appointment. Finally, your membership entitles you to meet with Nader privately three times per year at his South Florida offices (or other designated locations). There simply is no better gateway into the inner workings of Nader's marketing mind.

This is a truly extraordinary opportunity that many desire but few will ever realize.

(Due to the highly exclusive nature of this program, please be advised that the application and pre-application processes are rigorous and highly confidential.)


  • Heightened level of exclusivity maintained at all times
  • Full 12-month membership
  • Only four attorneys in the world will be accepted
  • 1 private face-to-face meeting with Nader (locations TBD)
  • Monthly/bi-weekly 30-minute conference calls with Nader
  • Detailed marketing plan prepared personally by Nader Anise
  • Direct access to Nader on his personal cell phone
  • No appointment required to speak to Nader (subject to Nader's availability)
  • Ongoing phone, email and fax support with Nader
  • Unlimited critiques of your marketing materials and processes

NOTES: Client is responsible for his or her own travel and lodging expenses.

AVAILABILITY: Maximum number of attorneys accepted in The Chairman's Vault™ is 4.

RESTRICTIONS: Applicants must either be personally invited by Nader, be a current or former client, or be referred by a current or former client. In addition, each applicant must submit three letters of recommendation from three attorneys. To supplement the written application, applicant may also submit a video. Telephone interview may be required. Application fee is non-refundable and membership is non-assignable. Acceptance subject to application approval.