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High-Profile Attorney to Nader: You “Changed My Life”

“After being a lawyer for 23 years, Nader Anise changed the very way I think about and practice law. I found out about Nader quite by accident, maybe in an advertisement or through one of the ubiquitous emails he sends all the time. I was intrigued. I started by buying some CD’s, then I participated in one of Nader’s telephone conferences. AND POW!! My income has grown more than any other time in my life. Nader, your friendship and mentoring changed my life. I could never thank you enough.”

John Lauro, Esq.
White Collar Criminal Defense
Attorney for Former NBA Referee, Tim Donaghy

14 Months Later

“I took a bold step and asked Nader to become a mentor and a coach as part of the Elite Earners Program. It cost a lot of money, but so does everything of true value – including each and every one of us. It was worth every cent. If truth be told, given what I have received, I would have paid more.”

“I Literally Tripled My Yearly Income”

“Dear Nader, it is extremely rare that I rave about someone’s service or products. Normally, I am extremely picky and hard to please. It drives my wife absolutely crazy. As I struggled through practice (how awful), I tried to go to as many networking functions as possible. It was a pretty awful experience. After I read about you in a California publication, I tried to purchase as many of your CD’s and seminars as I could. I’m glad I did…I literally tripled my yearly income…I am so busy right now that I have to find new office space and hire staff. I never thought I would be in this situation so soon.”

Jeffrey L. Hoffer, Esq.
Family Law

Nader’s Seminar Key In $100 Million Settlement

“Nader, I have implemented a number of your strategies and the results have been well beyond expectations…the direction I received from your seminar resulted in a settlement of $100,000,000 (One hundred million dollars)…and am now representing clients in (another) case that we believe may involve many millions of dollars.”

Samuel Bearman, Esq.
Personal Injury and Mass Torts

Nader is “100% Genius”

“When I started my law firm, a colleague had suggested I utilize Nader’s services to build my practice. While I was skeptical at first, I decided to give it a shot, since I had a very small clientele base. Nader’s fees were the highest I have ever seen for a marketing strategist. Fast forward one year later, my business is through the roof. I had to hire two attorneys and 5 staff. Nader may be “half man, half marketing machine” but he is 100% GENIUS. I owe him a lifetime of gratitude. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid multiples of my initial investment.”

Patrick Masterpalo, Esq.
Civil Litigation and Personal Injury

Five Months Later

“Nader: I just wanted to let you know over the last two weeks we have taken in A LOT of clients. You are a genius. Thank you for all your help.”

Skeptical Lawyer Lands 35 to 40 New Clients Fast

“Dear Nader: I’ll admit, I was skeptical about whether your marketing strategies would work for me. But you’ve made a believer out of me. Because of you, I’ve gotten at least 35 to 40 new clients in a relatively short period of time.”

Erwin Diaz-Solis, Esq.
Immigration Law

Eight Months Later

“I just wanted to write a few lines to thank you for your help in building up my law practice. I have used your methods and thanks to your advice, the referrals keep on flowing to our office. You are one of the reasons why my practice is where it is today. Thank you Mr. Anise.”

“Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Free Publicity” Within Days of Seminar”

“Nader, I want to thank you for your invaluable marketing strategies. As you know, with just one case, we received a $33.4 million jury award – and a firm positioning within the community as one of the top law firms…Within a week, my law firm was a major news story all over the country. What is surprising is how fast and easy it was to get literally tens of thousands of dollars in free publicity. Your strategies worked flawlessly. Anyone who wants to increase their legal business must attend one of your seminars.”

Alan Neufeld, Esq.
Civil Trial Lawyer

Anise is the “Pure Gold” Standard

“Dear Mr. Anise: As an attorney with a formal education in business and marketing, I have always been intrigued with anyone claiming to have an expertise in law firm marketing. Until I attended your seminar in Los Angeles, that intrigue always ended in disappointment. Your presentation was laid back, yet compelling and the pearls of wisdom you handed down were pure gold…”
Stephen Recordon

Stephen Recordon, Esq.
Family Law and Mediation

“You Are Indeed the Marketing Guru!”

“Dear Nader: I’ve implemented several of the simple yet effective strategies taught with immediate results surpassing my expectations! I can honestly say that participating in your seminar was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. What surprised me was the immediate results that I was able to achieve in such a short period. Thank you again! You are indeed the marketing guru!”
Barbara–Ann Williams

Barbara–Ann Williams, Esq.
Immigration Law and Family Law

Seminar Attendee Gets Three Referrals in Only Days

“Dear Nader, …Boy, you sure didn’t disappoint!…Your jam-packed seminar and ezines have really given me a track to run on. When left to my own devices, my business was ill-defined and my “marketing” was built, mostly, on wasting money and wishing that I had more clients. But, now, thanks to you, I can leverage my resources and I can project a clear picture of my business to the world. I already know that it’s working because I have gotten 3 referrals recently…Thanks a million.”
Dennis Phillips, Esq.
Estate Planning

“Immediately Our Earnings Sky-Rocketed”

“Based upon the referral of famed White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney, John Lauro, I met Nader and quickly joined his Elite Earners Program. To quote Mr. Lauro, “Nader changed my life.” Nader’s innovative genius provided me with a classy approach to marketing my law firm that completely transformed my practice and my life…Immediately our earnings sky-rocketed. We owe our success to this man.”

W. James Payne, Esq.
White Collar Criminal Defense

“You Are Killing Me with All the New Business”

“Dear Nader: I want to write to you today to express my gratitude for the techniques that I have learned from your seminars and CD’s… I have been sending a foreclosure letter for years which started to generate less and less leads each month. I turned to Nader Anise to assist with developing a new direct mail piece. I was uncertain of some of his tactics and suggestions but he generated an unprecedented response. My response rate from the prior month was 20 and the first month I tried his new letter my response rate was 87 leads. I would have never expected the letter would be such a great success. Thank you so much for the strategies and techniques I have learned from you. You are integral to the success of our firm.”
(Name Withheld for Privacy)
Bankruptcy Law

Four Months Later

“Sorry for the delayed response but you are killing me with all the new business. We are busting at the seams and all my employees are freaking out. We filed 100 (bankruptcies) for October and we have already filed 30 (bankruptcies) so far in November. That is a huge head start for November considering that it is only the 2nd (of November).”

“Triple My Profits”

“Dear Nader, The guidance you gave allowed me to triple my profits in a very short period of time…”
Mark Sharpiro, Esq.
Criminal Law

Bottom Line Shoots Up $45,000 Immediately After Seminar

“Nader, while I was attending a seminar of yours, you stated that you could increase the gross receipts of each and every recipient in the audience who predominantly billed on an hourly basis…I would estimate that I have increased the bottom line to this firm by almost $45,000…Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise and guidance.”

Mark Schecter, Esq.
Complex Business Litigation and Real Estate Law

Lawyer Convinced Anise is “Bionic”

“Nader, I can’t thank you enough for your help in growing our law practice. We used just one of your “bionic” strategies and have EXPONENTIALLY increased the number of new client contacts and bottom line of our business. I must admit, at first I wasn’t sure if your methods would work for us, but boy was I wrong. Your talents are unmatched. Now, when I hear that you’re “half marketing machine,” I believe it! Thanks again.”

Steven B. Dimian, Esq.
Personal Injury and Real Estate Law

Income Up 44% after an “Infusion” of Nader

“Call Nader for a first-class infusion of energy! Let him unleash his ideas and revolutionize your promotional efforts in a way that will make your bottom line shine. Mine did, with income up by 44% after laying out a particular ad unlike all of my local competitors. With those kinds of results, Nader is on my team in perpetuity.”

Elvira Gonzalez, Esq.
Immigration Law

Thinking of Investing in Marketing? Consult Nader First

“Before you spend the first dollar advertising your law firm, Nader’s low-cost high-return common-sense marketing techniques should be given serious consideration.”
RJon Robins, Esq.
Attorney at Law and Law Firm Management Coach
Former Practice Management Advisor, The Florida Bar

Former Bar President Hails Anise’s Methods

“Dear Nader, I consider myself an “advanced” student of legal marketing. However, of all the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours I have spent (literally) on other books, CD’s and seminars, I believe your strategies give the “biggest bang for the buck.” That is, your techniques and the way you present them are the most practical, results-oriented, and easy to implement of all the others I have heard, seen and used.”

Jeffrey Lerman, Esq.
Real Estate Investor Law
Former Marin County Bar President

Three Weeks Later

“Within days of using some of your strategies, my picture was on the front page of a major newspaper and I was featured several times. I couldn’t buy that type of third-party endorsement advertising. If I had, I would have easily paid tens of thousands of dollars. But it didn’t cost me a dime…Again, Nader, you are the Jedi Master.

Nader Anise Takes Your Practice to the “Next Level”

“I was at a point in my practice when I was looking for a marketing guru to help me get to the next level of my law practice. Nader Anise is that guy. I found his ideas both innovative and practical. Even though he is in great demand, he has made himself accessible, answering my questions when I needed to communicate with him. His staff is truly representative of him – professional, prompt and courteous. I would highly recommend Nader to any attorney looking to take his practice to the next level by executing smart marketing.”
Peter Gemborys, Esq.

From $300 a Month to $100,000 a Year in Under 13 Months

“Mr. Anise: I am forever grateful to you. In under 13 months, I went from making $300 a month to over $100,000 a year – just because of one of your tips. Nowadays, getting five new clients in one day isn’t unusual. You are a genius!”
Molly Maguire Gaussa, Esq.

“I Almost Swerved Off the Road”

“Nader, Thank you. Thursday morning, my wife called me to tell me I was on the front page of the Tampa Tribune. Above the fold. Bold headline. I almost swerved off the road. How did I do it? I used many of the techniques YOU taught me…P.S. – You can’t BUY that kind of media – even if you have the money. How much was that one story worth? Six figures? Seven?”

Michael Wasylik, Esq.
Foreclosure Defense

Four Months Later

“I know that many people have been using your techniques to great success. I don’t know how many can say that they have created a brand new practice area from scratch in just four months, or that they were able to convert a single, relatively small case into an international media event. I can, and I have you to thank…you can definitely count me as one of your biggest success stories. “

Marketing-“Obsessed” Lawyer to Nader: “You are Truly a Marketing Guru for Lawyers”

“Dear Nader: Our specialty is personal injury, mass torts, pharmaceutical torts, and corporate class actions. I too am obsessed with marketing and have marketed ourselves to where we are today. I want to salute you on the benefits of today’s seminar…You are truly a marketing guru for lawyers.”

Jeffrey Nadrich, Esq.
Personal Injury and Mass Torts
19 Office Locations in California

Client Base and Fees Soar After Finding Nader

“Nader, I want to thank you for the invaluable assistance and advice you have given to me in growing my law practice. Your advice is creative, yet highly practical. I also very much appreciate the very personal approach that you take, and your continuing interest and concern for the development of my practice. You have been a great asset in increasing my client base and the fees I have been able to generate.”

Jerald C. Cantor, Esq.
Real Estate and Probate Law

Two Months Later

“I am constantly amazed at how successful your marketing strategies have been. Your secrets and unique suggestions have continuously helped to get me new clients. You are my hero, and I cannot thank you enough.”

Burned in the Past, Lawyer Finds Nader Then Raves

“Dear Nader, In the past, I have been burned by “legal marketing gurus” who promise the sun, moon and stars and deliver little, if anything other than an inflated bill. Not wanting to have a similar experience again, I checked out your credentials before hiring you. I spoke to another attorney who had used your services. This attorney was someone I knew, liked and trusted. You received a superlative recommendation. From our very first conversation, I received nothing but straight talk from you. (Are you really a lawyer?)…The recommendations you made are great! The clients referred to me in the first month have already enabled me to recoup my initial investment. Thank you. I endorse your services without any hesitation whatsoever.”

Robert Malove, Esq.
Criminal Law

Nader’s “System is a Winner”

“I strongly recommend Nader Anise’s marketing techniques to fellow attorneys. I have been practicing in a specialized area – Immigration Law – for over twenty five years and have tried probably every method known to reach potential clients. Based upon the referrals my office receives…I can tell you that his system is a winner!”
Edward Bendik, Esq.
Immigration Law

Skeptical, Worried Lawyer Would Happily “Pay Twice As Much Next Time”

“Dear Nader: Naturally, when I heard about you and your seminars, I was skeptical. I was very worried about the return on investment of your seminar because I have been burned in the past as I’m sure every attorney has. Now, I know that I was only looking at the price of your seminar, not the value of the service that you provide. The next day, I implemented a couple of your ideas, and I could see an immediate difference in myself and my client’s perception of my services. It was amazing.”

Carmen Dellutri, Esq.
Bankruptcy Law

Nine Months Later

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of the wonderful ideas that you presented at your live seminar. You not only lived up to your word, you far exceeded what you promised. My head was spinning when I left…and thought to myself, that guy could charge twice as much next time, and I would pay it. I knew that seminar was a turning point in my practice…After implementing your marketing techniques, I was able to increase my bankruptcy client case load by 20% over the previous year. The best part was seeing the firm case load increasing and the advertising dollars decreasing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Five Referrals in Two Weeks

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me great ideas about how to market my practice. In the first two weeks of this year, I have received five referrals as a direct result of your marketing strategies. I am so glad that I took your advice…”
Connie Renee Clay, Esq.

“The Lawyer in Me Kept Telling Me All the Hype Couldn’t Be for Real”

“Dear Nader: I signed up for your marketing teleseminar with some reservations. I read about how accomplished you are and how quickly your strategies work, but the lawyer in me kept telling me all the hype couldn’t be for real. Boy, am I glad I listened to the little voice that told me I had nothing to lose – why not give it a try? So, I did. And on the day of the seminar, I listened very attentively…You said if you use a specific phrase during the initial consultation, you’ll have clients eating out of your hand and want to retain you. And wouldn’t you know it – you were right. It worked like a charm! The client was definitely hooked and he ended up hiring me. It was such a great experience. Thank you!”

Randy Berman, Esq.
Criminal Law

“Nader is Riveting!”

“Nader is riveting! He is a powerful speaker who combines the expertise of a lawyer marketing guru with the showmanship of a seasoned entertainer. And his marketing methods really work!”
Patricia Alexander, Esq.
Family Law

“The Envy of All My Competition”

“Nader: You and I worked together to cook up some of the best marketing ideas I have ever encountered. However, one idea has created a constant stream of new business in an inexpensive and professional way that is the envy of all of my competition. My competition has even complimented my efforts despite the fact that we are out competing them with your idea. You have given us a unique edge in our market and I am deeply indebted to you for your unique ideas and friendship that has expanded my practice beyond my expectations. Thanks again.”

Roger Reidmiller, Esq.
Worker’s Comp. and Personal Injury Attorney & Author
Host, “Lawyer on the Line”

More “Tricks of the Trade” Than Ever Before

“Nader, Recently I attended your marketing seminar. Sometimes I’ll go to these and walk away as though I just wasted my time and energy. I just hear the same nonsense over and over. Not so with your presentation. Thank you so much for teaching me more tricks of the trade for effective marketing than I have ever learned before. And I have been to many marketing classes. In just over an hour I learned more about marketing than I have in countless other classes combined. Thank you!”
Sandra Marin, Esq.
Employment Law and Intellectual Property

Seminar Attendee “Blown Away”

“Dear Mr. Anise, I attended your seminar and was blown away by the presentation. I put my referrals to work for me and the results have been great. I am enjoying making more money.”

Alexander Rozman, Esq.
Business Law and Trial Attorney

When You’re Ready to Kick Your Practice into High Gear…

“Dear Nader, I want to thank you for the abundance of invaluable information you revealed during your recent, “Marketing Secrets & Strategies” seminar. The lessons taught at your seminar will help any attorney grow their practice even if they implement just one or two of your ideas. Attorneys who take your seminar gain a competitive edge because they become marketing experts. Your seminar has helped me take my practice to the next level.”

Barry Siegel, Esq.
Estate Planning

Become the Top Lawyer in Your Field

“I believe this seminar in and of itself gives me the potential to become the premiere attorney in my field in the entire state…”
John Quinn, Esq.

“Besieged On a Daily Basis”

“Nader: Due to your marketing, I am besieged on a daily basis with calls from genuine potential clients. Putting my marketing in your capable hands has allowed me to maximize my potential in other areas of my practice. Your skills have allowed me to build my practice in a professional, efficient and economic manner. I truly appreciate the benefits that your strategies have bestowed upon my practice.”
Michael Gottlieb, Esq.
Criminal Law

Does Nader Have a Sixth Sense?

“I am convinced that you have a sixth sense when it comes to lawyer marketing. Your insight couldn’t be more accurate and your techniques have opened up so many new marketing avenues. I have personally learned a great deal. You teach lawyers things they never learned in law school.”

Mark Popolizio, Esq.
Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance

Big-Name Florida Lawyer Says Call on Nader Anise

“I have been advertising and marketing my law firm for fifteen years. I have seen my case load go from five cases to a thousand. Nader Anise Lawyer Marketing shows me that there is still a lot that I can learn about marketing. Techniques that you will learn from Nader will allow you to sufficiently and economically build your practice. This will really help you make your practice thrive. I highly recommend them to everyone who wants to build their practice.”

David Singer, Esq.
Personal Injury

Nader’s Methods Work!

“…His (Nader Anise’s) strategies and methods are unique and work well. This, in turn, has resulted in the generation of a lucrative referral base.”

Paul Ghougasian, Esq.
Tax Law and Estate Planning

“You Are a Master Marketer”

“Nader: Thanks for a great seminar. Can’t wait to put your “wow factor” to work. Wish the seminar were three hours longer. I was captivated by your simple ideas to make more money now!!! You are a Master Marketer.”
Gerald T. Roden, Esq.
Criminal Law

Uncomfortable with Marketing? Anise is the Answer

“Dear Nader, Until now, I was never comfortable with the idea of marketing my legal services. You provided terrific logical and professional marketing advice. The program wasn’t just another networking seminar. The time and money were a well-spent investment in my future. Nader, thank you.”

S. Keith Collins, Esq.
Business Transactions and Litigation

From Marketing Novice to Expert in Only One Seminar?

“Before I attended the seminar I felt I knew virtually nothing about lawyer marketing. Now I feel that I know an awful lot – virtually everything.”
Dr. Curlee Ross, Esq.
Attorney at Law and Medical Doctor

“Hands Down the Best I Have Found”

“As an attorney with a strong interest in marketing, I have been studying every marketing resource for attorneys that I could get my hands on for the last 15 years, and Nader’s material is hands down the best I have found.”

Richard Console, Esq.
Personal Injury

Does Nader Have Secret X-Ray Vision?

As a sole practitioner, I devote a significant amount of energy studying marketing as a low-cost alternative to advertising. Nader has a firm grasp on marketing principles. His advice is practical and easy to follow. He offers no-nonsense ‘bullet points’ that make sense, but are easily overlooked by most of us.”
Keith Scott Grossman, Esq.

“…Most Compelling I’ve Seen…”

“Nader, I find your approach to marketing fascinating, and the most compelling I’ve seen in the profession. I have already generated a lively debate locally (among solos in Seattle) about your recent billing rate article.”
Danny Bronski, Esq.
Intellectual Property Law
Owner of VeriTrademark

Without Nader, You’re “Swimming Upstream”

“All lawyers should take Nader’s seminar. Without this information, they are simply swimming upstream. They don’t teach this in law school.”

Ron Dinan, Esq.
Criminal Law

“I Was Tempted to Throw Away Your Brochure”

“Dear Nader, Over the years, I have participated in many marketing events all claiming to teach marketing strategies. I was tempted to throw away your brochure when it arrived in the mail but the title intrigued me. Anyway, I signed up and I was not disappointed. The seminar was entertaining – or rather you were entertaining. You had many practical solutions to marketing issues, almost all of which could be readily implemented. Since returning to the office I have passed your advice along to everyone. I have been talking about you and the seminar all day. The thing I most appreciated was that you gave practical solutions to marketing issues. I have never attended a marketing seminar that I felt was tailored to my needs. Now, thanks to you and your seminar, I have the entire law firm “Always Thinking Marketing!”
Donna ScarlatelliEsq

Donna Scarlatelli, Esq.
Immigration Law

“Two New Clients in Less than 48 Hours”

“Dear Mr. Anise: I started implementing some of your ideas immediately. In fact, using some of your strategies, I landed two new clients in less than 48 hours, with several other prospects in the works…I think this was the best seminar I ever attended because I learned practical tools that I could implement immediately with successful results.”

Laura Hess, Esq.
Product Liability Defense

Nader’s “Counter-Intuitive” Approach Triples Lawyer’s Business in First Month

“Nader promised the moon and delivered. His ideas are unconventional and counter-intuitive, but in the best possible way. Lawyers are notoriously myopic and idiosyncratic – Nader can mix things up and get you to see things differently. He challenged our previous marketing strategies and delivered a mailer that increased our responses exponentially. In our first month, we signed more clients than we had in the previous three. It’s difficult to argue with results like that.”

Gus Centrone, Esq.
Criminal Law and Consumer Protection

Nader’s Advice Nets Law Firm Additional $100,000 in Revenue

“Hello Nader, When I went through your course 10+/- years ago I realized I was doing a number of marketing things wrong. I followed your advice and it made a HUGE difference in my potential client response rate. It would be impossible to guess how much money your advice brought me but it has to be over $100,000 easily. The cost of your seminar is without a doubt the best money I ever spent on marketing advice. Again, thank you!!”

Gary Fraley, Esq.
Bankruptcy Law

“I Was a Huge Skeptic of Nader’s Promised Results. Nader Proved Me Wrong.”

“I had been working in criminal law for years, and thought I had seen it all. My opinion was that a firm grew simply by pounding the pavement. I was a huge skeptic of Nader’s promised results. Nader proved me wrong. His first project for my firm quadrupled our monthly client intake within the first month. Now we are reaching more potential client leads who need help, and converting more leads into clients.”

Brian Shrader, Esq.
Criminal Law

Nader’s “Secret Speech” Produces Immediate Results

“Nader, just a quick note to praise your terrific Disrupt and Dominate program. During this program I have learned tactics and strategies that put my law firm far ahead of virtually all of the lawyers in my area. I learned and implemented the invaluable insights of your Disrupt and Dominate program to improve my marketing and sales efforts. As I continue to fine tune my marketing efforts I have definitely seen my closure rate increasing. As just one case in point, I used your Secret Speech with a client the day after I learned your Secret Speech and it worked like a charm! Thanks Nader!”

Robert Savage, Esq.
Stock Loss/FINRA Actions

“Nothing Short of Amazing”

“If you are looking to take your practice to the next level then you need to contact Nader Anise. His strategies are nothing short of amazing and can position you to increase your both exposure and income. Why wouldn’t you make an investment in yourself that will produce great returns? The only thing that will stop you is your fear of success! Contact him before your competitors do. I’m glad I did. “

Richard P. Hastings, Esq.
Personal Injury Attorney & Author

High-Profile Immigration Attorney “Immediately Saw Results” Following Nader’s Methods

“Following Nader’s strategies changed my immigration law practice. I used his practical tips and immediately saw results from clients being willing to pay for consultations to respecting my time and credentials. I highly recommend Nader’s program. It could mean the difference between working hard and working smart!”

Elizabeth Ricci, Esq.
Immigration Law Attorney

“I Have Literally Doubled And, At Times, Tripled My Monthly Revenue”

“I have been a client of Nader Anise Lawyer Marketing for two years, and I must say that I have not regretted a single day joining forces with Nader and his organization. I was a sole practitioner, making a living in my practice, but all that changed with Nader and his team. I have literally doubled and, at times, tripled my monthly revenue because of his insight, marketing intuition, and constant input on my decisions in running my business. Let’s not kid each other, the practice of law is a business, and an instrumental tool of running a business is marketing. I have been an Elite Earner participant, and through that program offered by Nader, my practice financially has taken off and my monthly revenue has soared. I have taken advantage of his direct mail expertise and crafted two letters that my firm sends out on a daily basis. The return on that investment has more than paid for the financial costs of my participation in Elite Earners, and has increased my revenue exponentially. Nader’s insight, experience, and genuine interest in me and my firm has been well worth every penny paid for his services. If I had it to do all over again, I would have joined forces with Nader and his organization 10 years ago.”

Benjamin Bradley Reed, Esq.
Criminal Law


“Nader Anise has built a thriving law practice. He says, in this day and age, with the overpopulation of lawyers, attorneys need a niche…Volunteer work has helped him build a thriving practice without spending a penny on advertising.”
“The marketing savvy of Nader Anise is first rate. Nader is a virtually unlimited source of marketing knowledge for any lawyer or law firm interested in improving business. If you want to increase your business, listen to Nader and heed his advice.”

Craig Trocino, Esq.
Appellate Law and Assoc.
Director Innocence Clinic University of Miami School of Law
“Nader Anise is a Boca Raton, Fla.-based attorney and president of Nader Anise Lawyer Marketing. Over the past nearly 10 years, Anise has educated 20,000-plus attorneys on the art and science of marketing.”
“Nader Anise is a lawyer-marketing expert and a professional speaker.”
California Law Business
“Nader Anise, an attorney in Boca Raton, FL, who provides marketing expertise to the legal profession, notes, ‘Not closing a deal is not a failure. In fact, it can open up new doors. In the future they may need your services.”
“Nader Anise is considered by many to be the nation’s leading authority on lawyer marketing…He has received national recognition for masterminding a public relations campaign that resulted in primetime television coverage and over $1 million in free publicity, while only costing $325 to implement.”
Angela Hoy, Author
Query Letters That Worked!
Nader Featured in the Book
“Boca Raton attorney-turned-marketing maven Nader Anise…founded the American Lawyers Public Image Association several years back after hearing one lawyer joke too many.”
FastTrack Magazine
“Mr. Anise is a talented and capable attorney who has chosen to use his talents by teaching others how to maximize their professional marketability. I can see how Mr. Anise’s services would benefit a wide variety of attorneys, from sole practitioners to those lawyers working in small and medium-sized firms. I would readily and without hesitation recommend Mr. Anise to any attorney considering the worthwhile exploration of professional marketing services.”

Steven Friedland, J.S.D.
Professor of Law
Elon University School of Law
“Nader Anise is an attorney and the nation’s highest-paid legal marketing expert. His strategies have been showcased on many national media outlets…”
Nader Anise is a marketing expert…”
Sales and Marketing Executive Report
“Nader Anise is a nationally recognized law firm marketing expert and is president of Nader Anise Lawyer Marketing, Inc., a full service lawyer marketing, advertising and promotion consulting firm.”
“I have interviewed Nader Anise twice on my television shows, and, each time, I have been impressed with his unique ability to communicate about the law and marketing. Usually, someone is able to talk about one or the other, rarely about both. Nader Anise is a talent.”

Dr. Stephen L. Goldstein
Author, Columnist and Marketing Expert
Exec. Producer & Host, “The Business Exchange”
“Nader Anise, of Nader Anise Lawyer Marketing in Florida, said that after assessing the new competitor and your own firm, it’s important to create a new strategy and follow up with existing clients. ‘You have to make sure your brand is emphasized and is promoted,’ Anise said.”
“A quote is the best advertising an attorney can get, and it costs nothing, says attorney NADER ANISE, president of Nader Anise Marketing, a law firm marketing consulting firm in Boca Raton, FL. It means instant credibility. It establishes the attorney as the expert in the field.”
“In this issue, you’ll find an attorney (Nader Anise) who’s an expert in legal marketing services turning the tables and explaining how companies can successfully market to law firms.”
Elissa Miller
Managing Editor

Marcom Magazine
“One problem that triggers turn-off and inattention,’ says Nader Anise, a national marketing expert and a professor at Nova University’s MBA Program in Fort Lauderdale, FL, ‘is that reps are often so anxious to land a lead that they do a poor job screening and qualifying potential prospects. Sometimes the sale is doomed from the start…In his selling classes Anise tries to get this message across: ‘Show prospects the benefits and they will show you the money.’ Professor Anise emphasizes the importance of needs-related techniques and strategies. Inject examples where possible…”
“Nader Anise, Esq. is a nationally renowned lawyer marketing expert…”
“If you saw any promos for NBC’s new Monday night show, First Years, you might have seen the name of the group and Boca Raton Lawyer Nader Anise”
“Nader Anise conducts marketing seminars for the U.S. legal market…Anise has written dozens of articles and has been featured on various television shows…”
“While advertising remains a controversial topic in the legal world, attorney Nader Anise, president of Nader Anise Lawyer Marketing in Boca Raton, Fla., swears by highly targeted direct mail…Direct Mail works best for bankruptcy, personal injury and criminal defense lawyers – those with access to lists provided by the courts, he says.”
“Marketing consultant Nader Anise, who’s based in Boca Raton, frequently gives marketing presentations to large groups. He reminds attorneys that visual aids, such as PowerPoint slides, should only be used to supplement the talk, not as a crutch.”
Small Firm Business Magazine