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 What Are They Saying About Nader Anise, Esq.?


“I Literally Tripled My Yearly Income”

jhoffer_snap2“Dear Nader, it is extremely rare that I rave about someone’s service or products. Normally, I am extremely picky and hard to please. It drives my wife absolutely crazy. As I struggled through practice (how awful), I tried to go to as many networking functions as possible. It was a pretty awful experience. After I read about you in a California publication, I tried to purchase as many of your CD’s and seminars as I could. I’m glad I did… I literally tripled my yearly income… I am so busy right now that I have to find new office space and hire staff. I never thought I would be in this situation so soon.”

Jeffrey Hoffer, Esq. – Family Law for Men


Bottom Line Shoots Up $45,000 Immediately After Seminar


“Nader, while I was attending a seminar of yours, you stated that you could increase the gross receipts of each and every recipient in the audience who predominantly billed on an hourly basis… I would estimate that I have increased the bottom line to this firm by almost $45,000… Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise and guidance.”

Mark Schecter, Esq. – Complex Business Litigation and Real Estate Law


Convinced Anise is “Bionic”


“Nader, I can’t thank you enough for your help in growing our law practice. We used just one of your “bionic” strategies and have EXPONENTIALLY increased the number of new client contacts and bottom line of our business. I must admit, at first I wasn’t sure if your methods would work for us, but boy was I wrong. Your talents are unmatched. Now, when I hear that you’re “half marketing machine,” I believe it! Thanks again.”

Steven B. Dimian, Esq. – Personal Injury and Real Estate Law


Income Up 44% after an “Infusion” of Nader

elvira-gonzalez“Call Nader for a first-class infusion of energy! Let him unleash his ideas and revolutionize your promotional efforts in a way that will make your bottom line shine. Mine did, with income up by 44% after laying out a particular ad unlike all of my local competitors. With those kinds of results, Nader is on my team in perpetuity.”

Elvira Gonzalez, Esq. – Immigration Law


“Immediately Our Earnings Sky-Rocketed”

W James Payne“Based upon the referral of famed White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney, John Lauro, I met Nader and quickly joined his Elite Earners Program. To quote Mr. Lauro, “Nader changed my life.” Nader’s innovative genius provided me with a classy approach to marketing my law firm that completely transformed my practice and my life…Immediately our earnings sky-rocketed. We owe our success to this man.”

W. James Payne, Esq. – White Collar Criminal Defense


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