Lawyers’ Osama bin Laden Poll

     Between January, 2007 – August, 2007, a total of 940 attorneys residing in the United States were asked the following the question:

     “If Osama bin Laden were captured today, and you were asked to join his legal defense team (regardless of the type of law you practice), would you?  Assume U.S. law applies.”

     They were given the following 12 options with which to respond.  They could only answer one time with one answer.


  1. Yes, even he is innocent until proven guilty.

                   181 selected this (19.2%)

  2. Yes, the publicity I would receive can lead to fame and fortune.
                   108 selected this (11.4%)

  3. Yes, it would be an amazing challenge and opportunity to make history.

                   95 selected this (1.0%)

  4. Yes, I took an oath to help not judge.
                    9 selected this (.9%)

  5. Yes, but for a reason not stated above.

                   28 selected this (2.9%)

  6. No, someone so evil does not deserve a defense.  He should be the exception to a defendant being presumed innocent.

                    4 selected this (.4%)

  7. No, I would decline for moral reasons.
                    173 selected this (18.4%)

  8. No, my life and safety, and my family members’ lives and safety, would be at risk.
                    160 selected this (17%)

  9. No, because we would surely lose the case.
                    2 selected this (.2%)

  10. No, I would be shunned and my career ruined.
                    12 selected this (1.2%)

  11. No, he should have every hair on his beard plucked… and then he should be dunked head-first into a huge tub of boiling oil and fried ALIVE.

                    84 selected this (8.9%)

  12. No, but for a reason not stated above.

                    84 selected this (8.9%)



     421 responded they WOULD represent bin Laden (44.7%); 519 said they would NOT represent bin Laden (55.2%).
     Highest response was:   “Yes, I would represent him; even he is innocent until proven guilty.” (19.2%)

     Lowest response was:  “No, I would not represent him because we would surely lose the case.” (.2%)

     18.4% would not represent bin Laden for moral reasons.

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